Week 5: In The Sweet By and By

Wow! We’re not sure how we can already be at week 5 on our journey through our first album ‘Trusting You’, but here we are.

This week finds us with the 1868 classic, and favorite hymn of many , In The Sweet By and By. The beautiful lyrics describing the good times to come, along with the catchy toe-tapping beat, makes this song a definite hit wherever we go.

Researching In The Sweet By and By we were surprised to see that it only took the songwriters 30 minutes to compose the piece. We wonder if they ever imagined it would still be sung 151 years later.

Speaking for myself here, Tiffany, I can remember singing this song and liking it but not really connecting with it as a young adult. Now after 45+ years, and going through the ups and downs of life, I’ve come to really appreciate it. I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that my Father is preparing a place for me for all eternity. Forever being at Home where my spirit truly is at peace from regrets and failed expectations, from both myself and others, is something I definitely long for.

“And after I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to myself, so that you will be where I am. “ John 14:3

Copy & Paste the link below to see the video our producer, Jeff Polen, put together, featuring In The Sweet By and By, to get a glimpse of our fun recording week.

In The Sweet By and By

‘There's a land that is fairer than day,
And by faith we can see it afar;
For the Father waits over the way
To prepare us a dwelling place there.

In the sweet by and by,
We shall meet on that beautiful shore;
In the sweet by and by,
We shall meet on that beautiful shore.

We shall sing on that beautiful shore
The melodious songs of the blessed;
And our spirits shall sorrow no more,
Not a sigh for the blessing of rest.

To our bountiful Father above,
We will offer our tribute of praise
For the glorious gift of His love
And the blessings that hallow our days.’

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